After extensive & thorough testing against the climatic science evidence (AKA models) I am now ready to reveal to the world the latest state of the art climate prediction system. The current forecast of global temperature is below:
100 year forecast (97% accurate)
Decadal smoothed 100 year forecast (97% accurate)
Probability distribution over first half of century. Average:-0.129
Probability distribution for latter half of century. Average:0.068
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Please note, that as a real time system constantly taking account of changes to temperature data (both modern and historical) the temperature prediction may vary slightly between views. This is to be expected as it constantly adapts to changes to 20th century temperature data. Note: whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure this forecast is 97% accurate - it should not be relied on for any commercial, industrial, military, medical, governmental, agricultural, marine, fictional, crossword, scrabble or any other form of intellectual use.
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